Take control of your Slack interruptions

Oliv manages your team’s expectations by automatically updating your status and auto responding for you based on your calendar
Thousands of users trust Oliv every day

Slack pressures you to stay "always on"

You are in meetings, traveling and sometimes on a vacation, but your team expects you to respond immediately
You could set your status, but …

will you remember to set and unset it every time?


You could enable “Do Not Disturb”, but …

what if your team needs you urgently?


You could turn off Slack, but …

will you comb through every notification when you come back?

Oliv is your first line of defence

Oliv communicates your real time availability and auto responds for you based on your calendar

Automatically updates your status and "Do Not Disturb" settings

Based on events on your calendar, Oliv automatically sets your status and Do Not Disturb settings for meetings, work from home, travel and out of office plans.

Auto responds on your behalf

Oliv also auto responds on your behalf, takes messages that you can review later and escalate if it’s urgent.

You get to enjoy your vacation and have a list of action items to review when you come back, not a deluge of notifications.

Completely customizable

Want to set “do not disturb” for meetings? Disable the auto responder for vacations? Create recurring blocks of focus time?

Oliv is completely customizable and has you covered.

It all started on the day of my wedding...

when I was trying to savor every moment that I won’t be able to ever live again, but my Slack notifications won’t stop!

I couldn’t turn off my Slack since my team often reached me through it for urgent issues, but leaving it on was driving me crazy. And that’s when it hit me, there had to be a better way.

I got my closest friends together the next day and Oliv was born. What you are seeing now is a result of months of iteration, based on conversations with 100s of users on how they use Slack. I hope Oliv brings back some sanity to your Slack interruptions, like it has for me and thousands of our users.

Enjoy more peaceful and productive days

Join thousands of users who are already enjoying more peaceful and productive days, without hurting their team’s progress